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It's so grey today. (btw, is it grEy, or grAy? I think I end up splitting my use between the two fairly equally.) Does that sound like whining? It's not. It's glorious. I woke up this morning to the street shining with rain. In August! I've missed the rain. I'm a Northwest boy, and I like the sun, I like doing outdoor things in the summer, but lately... it's been oppressive. I need gray and cool breezes and precipitation to feel balanced. There was thunder, apparently, but I never heard it (more construction across the street.)

I'm looking forward to storms at the coast. And yet, at the same time, I am living in the moment, enjoying the sunshine, and at least bearing up under the heat, because I know that sometime this winter I'm going to be lamenting about how cold it is.

And yes! It's overcast, and the whole world is lit by the world's biggest softbox again. In fact, I passed a photographer on the street that was doing some portraiture, and commented to him about it: he said it was the very reason that he was out today. Soft light, very flattering.

Oh, by the way: the letterpress machines at Oblation are about a hundred years old (I asked). What's more, their printing and papermaking studios are open, so you can walk in and pester them with questions. I'll have to try that at some point.

And so but also: glasses shopping this weekend! You know, lunettes. Occhiali. With caring and honest advice, was able to winnow the field down from n to four. Thanks to yet another suggestion, I'm thinking of going back and having the store take digital pix of me in the finalists, and then posting the pix up on here so people can tell me what they think. Too wacky?



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