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Aug. 7th, 2003

Rain tonight. I was on the phone when I heard the droplets hitting the roof, the occasional ping of them hitting the new gutters. The sound dovetailed nicely with the sense of contentment that I was feeling at the moment. Like the proverbial father in The Night Before Christmas, I had to run to the window and throw up the sash, etc., but for nothing as dramatic as Santa. Just to admire the sound of the rain, the heaviness of the air.

Did I mention that was the other thing I liked about the clouds? They impart a certain kind of silence, a muted feeling. Yesterday, there was a quietude on the streets that I had forgtten about. An almost library-like feeling. (Well, some libraries, anyway. Maybe not ASU's when there's a concert going on outside.)

Today was more bien than mal. Some hopefully-good things happening, job-wise, though uncertainty lingers. But at the moment, I'm feeling pretty zen, so it's all good. Had sushi for dinner. Got wine. Got candles. Got music. Got smile. Merci.

Worked out today, which was also good. Some awfully long bike rides looming on the horizon for me. And, as I was there, sort of spacing out as I am wont to do on the 20-minute stints on the machines (pondering the wacky machine that is the human body), my reverie was interrupted by an observation: logo shirts. Lots of them in the gym tonight. "GAP" printed across T-shirts in giant letters. The seemingly ubiquitous Abercrombie and Finch psuedo-vintage lettering. Tommy Hilfiger.

When I wear shirts with someone's logo on it, it's usually because it was given to me at a trade show, or some vendor tossed it my way in the hopes of closing a deal. (Insert eye roll here... and please, don't remind me that I used to be a sales engineer.) I started thinking about it, about what would motivate someone to spend money to act as an advertisement for a company. Mind you, I have nothing against The Gap. Two reasons: I own Gap stock (it will go up again, really), and I like their clothes. I've commented before that they're like Garanimals for adults: you don't have to worry to much about whether anything will match, it pretty much all does.

One possibility kept occuring to me: it's the new tribality. Aligning yourself with a brand. Who needs gangs? What tribe are you in? Are you with Clan Nike? Or do the three stripes identify you as a member of the Nation of Adidas? Hmmm... maybe it's just residual memes left from reading Jennifer Government.

Hey, what's up with soy milk? I know it's probably tons better for me than cow milk, but the mouth feel takes some getting used to. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


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Aug. 7th, 2003 09:26 am (UTC)
You dissin' the soyness?
Three words: vanilla soy milk. Oh how smooth! ;}
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