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Dateline: Lincoln, NE!

The weather reminds me of home (even though it's not at all like this back home right now): clouds, occasional showers. (Rain? In the Heartland? In July?) The landscape is alien, though. Too flat. Makes me agoraphobic. No mountains to lean against. Not enough evergreens. Note, however, that the state bird of Oregon and Nebraska are the same! (Special prize to whomever can name it; no peeking!)

Cornfields! But the corn is not yet as high as an elephant's eye, so we turn to Nebraska's other stock in trade: cows! The beef here is tasty, plentiful, and cheap. I was able to eat the brisket (my colleague could not, as he was from Texas, and they would revoke his citizenship if he ate non-Texan brisket). Quite serviceable. As was the beer! Apparently Lincoln has only ONE microbrewery (owned by a company that also runs two restaurants and a data security company, go figure), but it produces yummy brown ales and stouts. DO YOU HEAR ME, TEXAS? NEBRASKA HAS GOOD BEEF AND BEER. SHINER BOCK SUCKS!

(There, I said it, I feel better.)

There's one thing that's better in Texas, though. Let's put it this way. For lunch, we had Mexican food. Nebraska-style Mexican food. Yyyyyyeah. Kinda mediocre, as you might expect. Cold chips coated in chili powder. Soggy enchiladas. I am somehow suspicious of seafood in land-locked states, so I can't attest to its quality. When I can comment on is the decor of this place! Transport yourself back to early-1970s splendor! Furnishings and decoration that would have made James Lileks squeal with joy. Right down to the vast, avocado-green buffet table, and the giant macrame hanging on the wall. The macrame hanging that is dust-free, mind you, so it's pretty obvious that someone cares about maintaining this little time capsule; this homage to the Rockford years.

And by the way, the Homogenization of Modern American Culture is nearly complete. Tribal tats and tragal piercings in Nebraska. Iowa, you're next. Thank you for your patience.


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Jul. 8th, 2004 08:54 am (UTC)
I believe it about Nebraska having good beef, but I take issue with your diss of Shiner Bock, which most certainly DOES NOT SUCK.
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