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Jul. 14th, 2004

Went to see The Day After Tomorrow at the Bagdad tonight. Yes, the science in this thing is soooo hoky (click here for gory details), but the visualizations of an chilly apocalypse were decent. Always nice to see someone's idea of the world ending in ice instead of fire. Sorta the anti-Revelation. And besides, they had air-conditioning and beer. (The theater, not the apocalypse.)

Sunday was ride day. Wanted to go out to Blue Lake Park, and at the fun downhill near the Gateway MAX station (gotta love it when those deposits in the energy bank pay off in one big kinetic jackpot), I started hammering, then hit a rock and heard the distintive psssssssssh. Crap. I wanted to ride unburdened, so I didn't bring the Camelbak and it's attendant patch kit, tire levers, tube, 2L of water... At least it was near the MAX station. One train ride, one bus ride, and a ten-block walk later, I was home. Now both bikes have matching flat rear tires. Whee.

Well, gee, Cycling Bee, shouldn't you get one of cute little bags that go under your seat that you can put tires and patch kits and stuff in?

Why, yes. Yes, I should.

Stuff I'm up to in the next couple months that other people are totally welcome to join me for:

  • 7/15: The Detroit Cobras and Rev. Horton Heat at the Roseland

  • 7/23: Lucinda Williams and John Hiatt at the Oregon Zoo

  • 7/31: Midsummer Night City Bike Tour

  • 8/8: Bridge Pedal

  • 8/21: Shawn Colvin and Cowboy Junkies at the Oregon Zoo


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Jul. 14th, 2004 10:40 am (UTC)
My rear tire is flat and I didn't even do anything fun to make it so. (And I do have one of those cute little bags.) I changed the tube and next time I looked at it, it was flat again. *sigh*

I'll be in town for Lucinda Williams and John Hiatt.
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