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It peeves me that someone else ate my spicy chicken pad thai.

OK, yes, generally speaking, it's a little thing, but I was really looking forward to having the leftovers that I put in the office fridge at 1 am this morning. I mean, I worked a nineteen-hour day yesterday, would it have been too much to ask for people to keep their fucking hands off something that didn't belong to them? I know that the logical extension of the laissez-faire philosophy I usually advocate would dictate that it was fair game, or that I should have taken it home with me or put it under lock and key if I really cared about it that much, but still.

The irony is that if someone had asked me if they could have it, I would gladly have shared it, or even given it to them. It just annoys me that they assumed that it would be okay. What, do they have memory problems to the point that they thought, "Hey, maybe that's mine... did I get pad thai recently? Sure, let's pretend I did..."
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